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Our Philosophy

With a desire to revolutionize the employment/hiring process in the education sector, Eduvacancy was established in February 2021. It is India’s First and Largest technology platform to lay emphasis on a specialized job/talent search platform and meet the changing requirements of Educational Institutions. Our team comes with a rich experience of 20+ years in the Education domain.

Our Mission

To simplify hiring for Educational Institutions across India and Worldwide.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between job seekers and employers and contribute to the nation’s Educational growth.

Our Goals

To create a job screening platform for skilled candidates looking to pursue a rewarding career in the Education Industry.

Eduvacancy Subscription Services

Connect with 5,00,000+ candidates, Pan India resumes, profile management, dynamic Video Resumes for efficiency

Features of Eduvacancy Subscription Service:

  • Employers can register and post jobs directly to connect with the right talent among 5,00,000 registered candidates.
  • Pan India Resumes of Quality Candidates.
  • Save and manage profile details with various search filters.
  • Conduct interviews on the platform, with an option to record if needed.
  • Video Resumes: Stay up-to-date with industry trends by utilizing video resumes for a more dynamic hiring process.

Eduvacancy Premium Service

Your recruitment concierge—dedicated managers, precision hiring, and strategic planning for a seamless hiring journey.

Features of Eduvacancy Premium Services:

  • Premium Service acts as your recruitment concierge, with a dedicated relationship manager curating candidates aligned with your needs.
  • Experts and enthusiasts dedicated to simplifying your hiring journey.
  • Thoroughly understand the job description for precise candidate identification.
  • Expertly shortlist candidates, with resumes reviewed by a respected field panelist.
  • Strategically plan interviews and follow up with candidates until the position is filled.

Eduvacancy Personalized Service

Elevating your brand, expert screening, and tailored candidate sharing for streamlined, effective hiring.

Features of Eduvacancy Personalized Service:

  • Specialized in comprehending your recruitment needs and elevating your brand's value.
  • Personalised Service entails expert screening and profile sharing for a streamlined hiring.
  • Thoroughly understand the job description to pinpoint the right candidate.
  • Expertly shortlist candidates, with resumes reviewed by a respected field panelist.
  • Share profiles of interested candidates for the specified job position.

Eduvacancy Bulk Hiring Services

Precision shortlisting, cost-effective efficiency, and scalability for swift onboarding—your partner in large-scale recruitment success.

Features of Eduvacancy Bulk Hiring Services:

  • Expert shortlisting with resumes reviewed by respected field panelists.
  • Economies of scale result in a lower cost per hire, leading to significant recruitment expense savings.
  • Swiftly assess and onboard a substantial number of candidates, characterizing the efficiency of bulk hiring.
  • Highly scalable approach adaptable to changes in hiring volume, attracting a diverse talent pool.
  • Thorough understanding of the job description to identify the right candidates.

Eduvacancy Upskilling Programs

Skill Upgradation

At Eduvacancy, it's our endeavour to help teachers reach their highest potential skill and upgrade their knowledge and technical know from time to time and upskill themselves to stay relevant in today’s changing times. We have launched a series of programs to help teachers upskill and reskill themselves in their job roles.

Eduvacancy Career Counselling

Shaping the future for young students
Introducing lead by Nitil Gupta – Eduvacancy Co-Founder & Career Counselling Expert

With over 22 years of experience, Nitil Gupta is a trusted name in career counselling, dedicated to helping students find their true potential.

  • Expertise Highlights:
  • Functional Examinations: Expertly designed tests to assess students comprehensively.

  • Personalized Guidance:
  • Tailored advice based on individual interests and strengths.

  • Global Insights:
  • Expertise in international education systems like the USA, UK, and Australia.

  • Notable Results:
  • Nitil Gupta and have successfully guided 2400+ students to prestigious institutions and top American and Canadian universities.

  • Career Counseling by Nitil Gupta and Team:
  • Tailored psychometric tests for stream selection.Enhancing school performance by aligning strengths and interests.

  • International Study Abroad Counseling:
  • Expertise in navigating international education systems. Systematic profile building and program selection for students.

  • Summer Study Abroad Programs:
  • Experience culture, independence, global support, and collaborative learning. An opportunity for personal and professional growth.

  • Resume and Profile Building:
  • Unlock post-grad potential with expert advice.

  • For students and professionals:
  • Elevate your profile for success.

Eduvacancy stands as the pinnacle in educator-focused hiring platforms, redefining the landscape for both institutions and professionals in the field of education. With a commitment to holistic career support, a personalized approach, and innovative solutions, Eduvacancy goes beyond traditional job portals. It is the compass guiding educators toward fulfilling and impactful careers.

Choose Eduvacancy for a transformative journey where education meets opportunity. Explore the possibilities, connect with passionate professionals, and discover a career experience beyond the ordinary. Your future in education starts here.